Reichenbaum Properties

Reichenbaum Properties is a family office focused on the acquisition and operation of retail, residential and mixed use real estate. We primarily focus on acquiring properties in high barrier to entry markets and look to enhance value through operational efficiency, leasing expertise, and/or redevelopment.

Moreover, through affiliate Reichenbaum Capital Corporation, Reichenbaum Properties has and continues to partner with local developers who share our same investment strategies and values. We provide unique financing options not readily available in the debt market.

Reichenbaum Properties’ portfolio is comprised of street retail, suburban mixed use, and urban, neighborhood shopping centers. We primarily focus on acquisitions in New York, Connecticut and South Florida with a strong emphasis on retail properties. As we continue to aggressively drive our core portfolio, we are receptive to new asset classes and deal structures as long as they provide security, value-added opportunities and are located in dense markets.

Reichenbaum Capital

Reichenbaum Capital Corporation invests in a diversified portfolio of multifamily and commercial real estate by providing bridge and mezzanine loans, preferred equity investments and other atypical financing methods. We are well capitalized and have the ability to quickly deploy capital.

Reichenbaum Capital Corporation is also receptive to assuming existing debt and as we are primarily a family office, have the ability to accelerate due diligence and closing timeframes.